Lip Treatment with Hyaluronic Acid

What does the lip treatment with hyaluronic acid consist in?

At Clínica Iradia, when planning a lip treatment, we strongly avoid exaggerated and unnatural results. Our aim is to preserve the essence of each lip by restoring the hydration they need with hyaluronic acid as well as by recovering the lost volume in older patients. We never overtreat a lip, as we consider that it disturbs the harmony in the face. We can also correct any asymmetry, smooth the lines around the lips, add volume to naturally-thin lips and define the lip border.

These results are achieved by first conducting a comprehensive exploration of all the components involved in the ageing process (bone, fat, skin, etc.). The skeletal support, the position of the teeth, gender, age and race are taken into account. Not all ethnic groups have the same beauty standards. Sometimes, we will need to restore the structure around the lips before directly treating them. In some cases a patient will arrive at the consultation to improve a lip, and we will only need to restructure the area around the mouth.

Lip Treatment with Hyaluronic Acid

In addition, when treating a lip, we must take into account several anatomical features of the lip structure. The upper lip to lower lip ratio is 1:1.6, that is, the lower lip must have a greater volume than the upper lip. The lower lip has two lateral tubercles and the upper lip has two lateral tubercles and one in the centre. It is important that we bear this in mind, because if not considered anatomically, we may flatten a lip and achieve an unnatural outcome. Other aspects to consider are the philtral columns, a well-defined cupid’s bow and well-supported corners of the mouth.

When treating the lips, we use an anaesthetic cream and an ice bag to numb the area and minimise any discomfort.

Due to the lips and mouth being sensitive areas, they usually inflame for around one or two days after the procedure. This treatment’s results are immediately visible; however, the full results can be expected approximately one week after the swelling subsides.

The results last for around six to nine months, varying from patient to patient. Due to employing reabsorbable substances, their effects gradually lessen over the months.

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