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Fractional Ablative Laser

Facial treatment with fractional ablative laser: Erbium

Erbium laser is a type of fractional laser that is primarily employed to treat fine wrinkles and small scars, improving the quality of the skin, as well as its texture and tightness.

Erbium laser works by fractional photothermolysis, that is, it only acts on small areas of the epidermis, without affecting the surrounding areas. Therefore, the skin regenerates and recovers much faster. The laser acts on the epidermis, scaling the damaged skin and producing new, healthy and regenerated skin.

Facial treatment with fractional ablative laser: Erbium

The treatment is usually well tolerated and is carried out without topical anaesthesia. After completing the session, redness (erythema), swelling (oedema) and even scabs may appear in the area. These are usually accompanied by a stinging sensation that can be reduced by means of local cooling. The burning sensation will disappear in a few hours. In mild treatments, erythema and oedema usually disappear within 24 to 28 hours, and in aggressive treatments it takes between four and six days.

To enhance skin recovery, we recommended keeping the skin continuously hydrated for the first five to seven days, as well as using a very high factor sunscreen.

The effects are visible as of the first week. We recommend taking two or three sessions, each separated by one month.


  • Upper Eyelid Treatment Ablative Laser €200
  • Lower Eyelid Treatment Ablative Laser €200
  • Full Facial Treatment Ablative Laser €500
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