Intense Pulsed Light

Photo Facial Rejuvenation with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Facial rejuvenation with IPL is a treatment based on applying a beam of light that specifically treats dark pigmentation (spots), vascular redness (spider veins), and lack of skin tone and vitality. In addition, when applied to the entire face, it reduces the pore size and the depth of wrinkles; it unifies the skin tone; and it helps to generate new collagen in the dermis, providing the face with further luminosity.

Until IPL appeared, all the factors that triggered the alterations in our skin had to be treated with cosmetic treatments, as there were no devices that globally treated the skin. This laser can treat various skin conditions in a same session (spots, redness, dilated pores, luminosity, etc.).

Photo Facial Rejuvenation with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

The treatment is very well tolerated and is carried out without topical anaesthesia..  After completing the session, the spots may darken, but in the next few days they will lighten and even totally disappear with the successive sessions. The spots may reappear with sun exposure if your skin is prone to hyperpigmentation.

The results are visible following the first session, although it is usually advisable to undergo between three and five sessions. The number of sessions will depend on the patient’s needs.

 IPL treatment can be used on the face, neck, neckline and back of the hands.

The patient will be able to continue their daily routine after the treatment, but they should be very careful with sun exposure. We recommend using very high factor sunscreen, as well as avoiding direct sun exposure; therefore, undergoing this type of treatment during the summer is not advisable. A regenerative cream will also be prescribed.

It is carried out in consultation. It takes approximately 30 minutes. The results are visible after 30 days. It is not recommended for pregnant women.

Price: €200 per facial session.

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