Facial Mesotherapy
with vitamins

Facial mesotherapy with vitamins

Facial mesotherapy consists in the intradermal application of small doses of nutrients and antioxidants, such as hyaluronic acid, essential amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, which are used to prevent and treat skin ageing. It is also indicated for improving skin quality. It is also indicated for improving skin quality.

It provides a deep hydration (much more than moisturising cream) and regenerates the cells, thanks to stimulating fibroblast activity.

The injection contains vitamins (the entire B complex, C, E and A), minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium), essential amino acids and nucleic acids aimed at revitalising the skin.

Mesotherapy with vitamins is a treatment that can be applied in many parts of the body, the most common being the face, and it acts with the following outcome:

  • It provides extra-deep hydration, enhancing the skin’s brightness, revitalising it and smoothing it
  • It reduces flaccidity and stimulates fibroblast activity, keeping active the cellular metabolism, improving its regeneration and maintaining an adequate skin hydration
Facial mesotherapy with vitamins
This treatment is usually suitable for all types of skin and is a minimally invasive technique, making it a great first step in the world of aesthetic medicine. We recommend that you first take three sessions, every 15-20 days, to obtain a visible result. The subsequent maintenance treatment consists of three sessions a year.

In cases of severe photoageing, we recommend one maintenance session per month. It is also indicated before attending a special event as a flash treatment, since the results are visible within a few days.

It should be noted that each patient is different, and the protocol to be followed is decided after a consultation and assessment appointment with the doctor.

Price: €160 per session.

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